Rustic By nature, Comfortable by practice

An elegant refined experience on the shores of great slave lake
Taking tables for dinner Wednesday to Saturday 5pm - 9pm
brunch saturday and sunday 10am - 3pm

We are a young passionate team who understand the art of great food and service, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Rooted in sustainability, our dream is to find a home and a palate for every fish in Great Slave Lake; enhanced by foraged and harvested elements from the land around us. Painting a picture of where we live through shared meals and good company.

Fin. celebrates fish. Local, sustainably caught kaimoana that tastes as fresh and pure as the waters it came from. We are partnering with local fishers in a traditional economy, proud to be doing our part to keep this lifestyle alive. Fish is brought fresh to our dock and processed in our kitchen, extras are pickled, dehydrated, salted, smoked or cured to preserve and extend our access to this nutrient dense food year round. We advocate for sustainable fishery and work with fishers who share this value with us. We envision a brighter future for northern fisheries.

Our produce is sourced from the land around us, rosehips, labrador tea and lichen all find their place in our food. Vegetables and herbs are sourced as much as possible from small local eco farms, and a small scale garden onsite keeps us in fresh greens during the growing season.

Sustainability can be achieved through minimising our impact on the environment – particularly by diminishing our carbon footprint, shorting our supply chain, reducing food wastage and conserving energy. Being sustainable isn’t just a fad, but a necessity so that the needs of current and future generations of diners can be satisfied.

We create beautifully crafted dishes, seeking out the best of the northern landscape, with a passion to delight and share our curiosity and our love of artisanal food.